Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use the EAP?

Everyone has times of worry about work, family, or some situations in their personal lives. Associated stress levels vary and occasionally you may feel overwhelmed. An emotional overload can easily interfere with our natural coping mechanisms. It’s always best to reach out for assistance before you feel you’re in crisis mode. EAP professionals are highly trained, objective counselors trained to listen and assist you with the difficulties you are facing. Remember, this a discrete, confidential service provided by your employer as a benefit for you to use as the need arises.

Who pays for this service?

The EAP program is a benefit paid for 100% by your employer. You are never charged for utilizing your EAP benefit!

Because the company pays, won’t they know if I use the EAP?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is protected by State as well as federal law. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed. The only way information can be released is if you agree to sign a release of information form, authorizing disclosure.

For what sorts of problems can I see an EAP counselor?

Any reason at all. Perhaps the three most common reasons people contact an EAP are over issues related to relationships, depression and anxiety. Other common issues include family, parenting, work, addiction, illness, financial and legal problems.

When should I call?

Research indicates earlier is better. However, it is never too late to call. Even if you are in doubt, call. Help is just a phone call away.

How do I know that the EAP counselors are qualified?

Sapphire Resource Connection only contracts only with licensed clinical professional counselors (LMSW, LCPC, Ph.D), and certified chemical dependency counselors (SAP or LAC), all of whom are well trained and highly skilled in assessment and short-term solution-focused intervention. Our therapists must have several years of direct experience in successfully counseling others who have been in situations like yours.

What if I need more sessions than are allowed?

You and your counselor can discuss this as you approach the end of your allowable EAP sessions. You and your EAP counselor can decide if further sessions are indicated there, or with another counselor in the community. If you need to be referred to another therapist, your EAP counselor can facilitate the referral.

Who should I call if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to direct any further questions to your Department of Human Resources, or call the Administrative office for Sapphire Resource Connections at (406) 240-9118.