Sapphire Resource Connection is an Employee Assistance Program that was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Kalispell, Montana.  SRC is committed to the provision of a high quality, stand-alone, confidential and independent Employee Assistance Program for employers who seek a regional and/or national presence. SRC is further committed to joining with employers in support of their employees and their families and is pleased to offer a familiar, user-friendly EAP service. EAP services include:

  • Simple, Prompt and Direct Access to EAP Counselors
  • Face-to-face confidential, short-term assessments and solution-focused intervention
  • Personalized EAP account management
  • Supervisory training sessions
  • Employee orientation sessions
  • Topical training sessions
  • Online EAP resources – visit www.sr-connection.com
  • 24 hour, 7 day a week toll-free Help Line

Personalized Account Management and Oversight

Unmatched customer service for every account, regardless of size, including regular telephonic and/or written contact, timely utilization reports and the provision of promotional EAP literature.  (Click here for a sample utilization report)

EAP Model Options

Employers are free to choose session model and member eligibility plans.

EAP Counselor Elasticity

The already deep SRC provider panel can be further expanded to include licensed masters or Ph.D. level therapists anywhere across the United States. Additional counselors can be added at anytime based upon employer’s site location and need.

Employee Orientations

Worksite employee orientation sessions focus on the many EAP features and benefits and are designed to create program visibility. Employee orientation sessions are provided on a cost-free basis.

Supervisory Training

Worksite manager training sessions focus on teaching supervisors about the multitude of EAP features and benefits. In particular, these sessions are specifically designed to leave participants comfortable with outlining EAP benefit basics to their employees. Finally, supervisory training thoroughly outlines how managers can best utilize the EAP as an invaluable management resource.

Topical Training

Customized, on-site training sessions are available on a wide variety of topics at the employers request.

Internet Resources

Visit www.sr-connection.com to access online tools.

Crisis Intervention

24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free crisis line

Resource Materials

Regularly published information regarding various mental health issues can be made available.